For the last couple of months on HGTV (which I’m addicted to), I’ve watched the new TV series: Tiny House. Has anyone watched that show? These tiny houses have become the newest real estate trend.  These homes are the response to the mansionization of America. Back in 2009, the average size home was around 2,700 sq ft. With the economy fluctuating, mortgage crisis and the unemployment rate, many people have decided against the bigger homes and switched to something more economical. As humans, we need three basic necessities: food, clothing and shelter. Why do we need a mansion to be happy, when a tiny home can give you the shelter you need.

There are four main advantages in owning a tiny house:

  1. Decrease the available space needed. More space equals more stuff.
  2. Less initial cost.
  3. Just because they are smaller homes, does not mean that they are not built well and not constructed by an architect.
  4. Less expenditure. Less space means smaller electric and gas costs.

There are different kinds of styles for these new trend setters.  The idea of these homes is to stay under 1,000 sq ft.  Some like to build their homes on a trailer; this allows them to travel with their home. People like empty-nesters, can travel from the snowy mountains to the sunny beaches in their homes. There are more permanent home structures to choose from as well.  You can spend hours googling floor plans and talking to architects about building the home of your dreams.  tiny House

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