Selling your home this fall can be easy with a few inexpensive suggestions.

Light it upUntitled design

With our days getting shorter and having much more time in the dark, it’s important to maximize the natural light in your home. Opening drapes and blinds will allow the sunlight to sunshine through your windows. Also by adding artificial light where needed, this can be done by placing additional table lamps and/or floor lamps. Remember to replace all burnt out bulbs. Schedule showings earlier during the day when the sun is at its fullest peak.

Rake in the leaves (and the buyers)

Curb appeal is very important. Maintaining the yard by raking up the leaves, trimming back any overgrown trees or shrubs and making sure your gutters are cleaned will add much need value to the home. Also remember t
o cut down any dead flowers, this will give it a cleaner look.

Stash the toys and declutter garage

If you are like me, we live in our garage during the warm seasons. Declutter the garage with all the summer toys and organize it. You want to maximize the space. Leaving your patio furniture and arranging it around a fi
re pit, portable or tabletop. You want your backyard to create a warm and social atmosphere.

Mums and Pumpkins

These items are cheap and they will add happiness to any space. Placing mums or pumpkins by your front door will add a welcoming feeling to the buyers. Mums are a hardy plant and they are hard to kill, so maintenance for them is very easy. Just be careful not to overdo it and just add some subtle touches around the exterior o
f the home.

Cozy Fireplaces

If your home has a fireplace, let that be your focal point. Obliviously, if you have a wood burning fireplace, you do not want to leave the fire unattended, but if you have a gas fireplace, let that baby shine. You want to draw attention to that.  You can even add nice décor on the mantle to bring the beauty of the firep
lace out.  If your agent is hosting an open house, let that fire soar, you want this to be center of atten
tion during the open house.


I am not asking you to bake a pie or bake cookies before every showings, but have scented candles burning throughout the house. Now is the time for pumpkin pie, apple or cinnamon smells to be flowing, these smells will add coziness to your home.

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