Taking potential buyers to an open house could be daunting task if they cannot overlook certain items such as paint, wall paper or even light fixtures. Being their agent you always try to tell them that those items can be easily changed or swapped out. Every individual needs to look past those little items in your home search.

When looking at a property, notice how the rooms flow into one another. Also look for wasted space or odd areas. Some people may look past this at the time of the open house but later become annoyed with the area. Before thinking that the property could be easily changed by removing walls, please contact a contractor first. The contractor will be able to tell you if the walls are safe to relocate or if the walls you want removed are load-bearing walls. This could be a very costly project.

Even though you are at an open house, please check the mechanicals. If the open house is in the winter, make sure that the air conditioner works or vice a versa. Electrical supply, if its an older home the electrical wiring may not be able to handle the big screen TV, media center and etc. Even though all these items will be inspected by the inspector, its always good to take notes during the open house.

Structural issues. These issues are very costly. While walking through the house, you can notice a change in the floor elevation; this could be a foundation issue. Look for large cracks in the foundation, make sure all the doors close and open properly and also check out the roof. Checking out the roof will allow you to see any damage and see how many layers of roofing are currently on there.

Water leakage is another major area to look at. This one is easy to spot. Look at the ceiling corners for spot discoloration or peeling of paint due to moisture problems. These could be caused by a leaking pipe within the walls, a bathtub that overflowed at one time, damage made to the roof or improperly finished chimney. Its important to find out the source before you buy.

Ask the sellers agent about the home association, if any. If there is one, what does it include or does not include. That can be a deal breaker for some people. Neighbors. Go knock on the doors and introduce yourself to them. Even though it will be 5 minute conversation, you want to make sure you get a good vibe from them. Also, they can answer more questions for you that the listing agent cannot.

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