Gen Y

Generation Y are those who were born between 1977 and 1994. Gen Ys are best known for their tech savviness, their immunities to traditional marketing and boring sales pitches, but also for their incredible sophistication.  These adults have been exposed to the old methods and now use their knowledge to create bigger and better things. Millennials have watched how the internet has changed our lives and they understand all the new tech gadgets out there.   However they still like tradition, they just make tradition better.

When Gen Ys house shop, they still prefer some traditional items, which may surprise you.  This generation still enjoys working with real estate agents, ninety percent of them.  This is good news because these millennials will hire the same agent over and over again. In your real estate career, that’s 3 homes per the same millennial.

It’s important as agents to stay on top of your game.  Since we are dealing in a tech savvy era, we have to communicate like it. Today we mostly communicate via text messaging or emailing, but some of them still value the good old personal phone call.   Homebuyers now start their search on their smartphones using the internet and mobile apps. Over half of the millennials, found their home they have purchased online.

With all this said, they still rely on us for the help and guidance that we provide. Whether it’s the home selling or home buying process, there are things that only a Realtor can provide them.  Honesty and credibility is what they expect from us.

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